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What to Expect

Engaging with My Business Sherpa is to immediately gain an accomplished coach on your team, eyes wide open, ears pinned back, an external guide primed for understanding your unique business & personal needs.

Being with you to come to terms with what you are experiencing, fleshing out the gnarly bits, drawing out your true identity for you to welcome, receive & accept your absolute worthiness.

Together to go deep-diving to acknowledge, shape & develop your thing, guiding you through your process, nurturing a healthy mindset to stimulate action in those areas needing the greatest attention, how to approach, learning new skills, evolving your game plan, building your self confidence, meaning & value.

You’ll be in deliberate, safe & fun company, intentionally guiding you along the way.

Adapting With You

Business Coaching | Strategic & Personal Guide | Leadership Accomplice.

A deliberate, adaptable, flexible approach for Small to Medium Enterprise, Brave Leaders & transitioning professionals searching for a new way to share your service offering, develop your voice to better relate, curiosity manifesting, removing the shackles to explore what’s important to you, your intentions, and being brave to honour your true identity.

How would you feel & benefit from collaborating with an accomplished coach to compliment, grow & accelerate your superpowers, while taking concious actions that serve your new ways better?

At any given time, without notice we get stuck, bogged, overwhelmed, confronted by matters that leap out without invite, gripping tight, self-doubt rocks up or worse, yep it can really sting & stall!

Shifting our energies, attention & mindset to more deliberate practices with My Business Sherpa gets the right work done in an order to thrive, being kinder to ourselves & others.

If you are up to doing the work, don’t hesitate, check in & secure your own personal discovery session, it’s a totally safe place, let’s hear what’s on your mind & you decide the next? It’s that easy.

adapting with you

Here’s how we help :
Business Coaching
Strategic & Personal Guide
Leadership Accomplice
Realising Full Potential
Mind Matters

Client Testimonial

We originally initiated a Business Coaching relationship with James to help develop Hobbs business framework, establishing our game plan, setting tone for progress, completed a productive engagement process, got on with business, learning, enjoying levels of success, winning a few tasty awards for good measure.

Market conditions, Hobbs business plans for expansion post COVID-19 triggered a re-engagement with James for this growth phase, identifying what was important, fine tuning & resetting several aspects of our work practices.

Within a short space of time, undoubtedly was the clarity of our positioning as the preferred eco-friendly custom home builder in Scenic Rim, encompassing architectural design, interior design and bespoke construction, connecting much deeper with the client profile fit best matched for our products & services.

The resulting effect of this is clear, the orders in hand, revenues forecast to increase in 2021 by 300%, operational efficiencies in supply chain & sourcing, aligning structure, HR processes & procedures, bringing a refreshing approach to recruitment which has included the addition of five new full-time staff members. Phew!

When it came to problem solving, the boost to our confidence & mindset, the presence of James’ coaching style, developing, guiding & encouraging our decision making, hatching thought processes to action challenges. A welcomed boost was the introduction & implementation of the user-friendly online client coaching tool for tracking activities, simple to book in appointments. I value the 15-minute quick call check-ins for support on easy wins.

We are super stoked by our vision to evolve Hobbs and beyond, delighting customers, our cool team, new product lines, creativity in communication, multimedia & marketing.

“We recommend connecting with My Business Sherpa for any professional business discussions needing a fresh set of eyes, ears & direction.”

Nikki & Luke Hobbs, Hobbs Building & Interiors

My Business Sherpa Will Guide You

Aligning before Strengthening

Diagnosing, leading, observing your mindset evolve & confidence build in the approach, activities & strategies determined during our active sessions.

Being with you to inspire, create your sense of order to get the work done, aiming at those points of pain whilst building genuine confidence to grow.

A dedicated coach by your side, fully immersed in you, for you to take full command, owning the direction that you intend going, cheering you on to unleash your very best self.

How would you feel about being more in control of achieving those goals to accelerate progress in both your business & personal life?

My Business Sherpa aims to be a source of value, more importantly a source of ease.

Ask Yourself

WHAT is the real IMPACT from the burden of ‘STUCK’?
WHAT you are prepared to RECOGNISE & ACCEPT to CHANGE the story
WHAT do YOU really NEED?
HOW will it be for YOU, if YOU don’t CHANGE IT UP?
HOW would it FEEL, to bring more MEANING & VALUE to what it is that you are WORTHY of?
Let me HELP, adapting with YOU.

My Business Sherpa Connects With

  • SME Warriors & Wizards
  • Leaders ready for an accomplice to be part of working out the puzzles
  • Transitioning Professionals into Consulting & Freelancing
  • Business Coaches Seeking Network Identity
  • Exploration of Full Potential
  • Genuine Change Practices
  • Start Ups | Resets | Resuscitations

Making Your Ideas Stronger, Creating a Sense of Space.

Client Testimonial

I had the pleasure of working with James over a period of several months. James was very helpful in two main areas, company culture and strategy.

James’ focus on company culture and the impact it has on results was extremely valuable while going through an internal restructure. Having someone with such an impressive CV and track record to help guide and make recommendations made the process much easier and seamless.

Strategy and creative thinking was quite obviously a strength of James’ as was his sensitivity to real needs whilst reigniting my own personal energies as he brought his weight in gold to the areas we worked on together. I would have no trouble recommending James.

James Bartle, Outland Denim
James Bartle, Outland Denim Testimonial