Connecting with identity, who you are, capabilities, once realising & accepting this, it comes down to what you intend to actually do about it.

Humble Beginnings

From Scotland to Australia, Technical DNA, Mega Projects, SME, market leading products & services, a Sales & Marketing Guerilla in Global Brands, Senior Roles, versatile, consistently the high achiever.

A siesmic shift, dusted down, change the script to embark on doing things in a whole new way, an epic transformation into research, wellness, lifestyle, yoga teaching blended with studies in mindfulness, a decorated sporting backstory.

Whisked it all together to create a whole new range of motion, My Business Sherpa appeared.

Disconnected from the more resourced institutionalised structures with a culture of living leadership, business coaching & personal development, became drawn & hypervigilant of the ongoing challenges faced by Small to Medium Enterprise (SME).

How demanding this can be when all you want is to do rock your work, inspire others, well-meaning but more often than not the accuracy & delivery not quite yet developed, decision making tools unclear, the mindset & work impacted, so often overwhelmed, exhausted & isolated. Seeking, asking for & receiving external help not yet the norm.

What could I do to help, what’s the vehicle look like for this work, drove me to pioneer My Business Sherpa as a solution server, industry & role versatile, a genuine problem solver for progress based on real needs now, not with a course, an e-book, a commodity fix which can all have a place in the story but what sat better for me was a more clinical real time 1:1 attention, defining ways in which to serve, to relate, to prescribe, to deliver an effective approach to accelate progress & safeguard others, reducing risky high levels of stress.

How My Business Sherpa Helps

About coaching

Business Coaching Universe

In the Business Coaching Universe, styles co-exist between commodity education, group sessions, e-learning or 1:1. They all have a place, coaching talent exists in many areas, what works for you? 

Our approach of 1:1 sessions at your pace, blended with key meets & target groups offers versatility, where your time, learning style, development level & coaching style come together for your needs.

My Business Sherpa Client Tool

Scoping out tools that made the work come alive, that embraced our times where holding attentions can be challenging, uneconomical & unstable.

Possessing a mighty appetite for systems & processes that compliment efficiency, accuracy, transparency, accountability & tracking for measuring progress, the globe was scoured for clues, persistence paid off. A game changer, the MBS Client Tool completed the puzzle.

No crappy enterprise software that everyone hates, be supported with a single sleek, intuitive web-based app that YOU, YOUR TEAM & Business Coaches actually enjoy using.

Saving time, simplifying OUR daily lives, feel more “In control of achieving the goal”.

The worthwhile work gets done, we beaver away, quickly becoming much better at it, flesh out the key practices for your ascent, less effort, better results, calm minds.


You are unique, your needs are unique, My Business Sherpa adapts to connect & diagnose;

  • What’s on your mind
  • What’s important now
  • Where’s your head at with this
  • Where are you stuck, what’s in the way
  • Where is the action needed most
  • What’s your currency of progress
  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid

Understanding & defining what needs to be done, getting things done, cheering you on.

Ready to talk more about what My Business Sherpa can help you with? Hit the button below to book in a time for us to talk.

Client Testimonial

Knowing James as I had for close to 15 years, there was no doubting his ability to pull things together from a business sense, as he was always strategically very strong in both the development & implementation.

I recently sought out James for support and mentoring and was able to achieve some clarity for myself on what was important personally and from a business perspective. I benefited greatly from the time I had with James through him sharing with me his own personal growth experiences, and his commitment & passion for genuinely helping others, which was quite frankly – inspiring.

It was a tonic for getting my priorities in order to what really mattered, developing a clear believable approach for both business & personal needs, bringing clarity with a real sense of purpose. I would encourage any organisation that is not only looking for business results but to also bring about positive personal change, to engage with James & really benefit from his sensitive approach, experience and general mentoring.

Stuart Macdonald – General Manager, QLD, Australia