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My Business Sherpa is about both Business & Personal Coaching, ongoing growth, reclaiming your best self, owning your way, investing in yourself, working with a coach who is dedicated to be alongside you all of the way.

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Here are a few of questions that may pop up for you, I hope they can help answer your questions too, if not give us a nudge, using the form provided.

Do I need a coach?

That you are taking a sticky at this question suggests that there is a curiosity to considering the merits of the very reasons why high performing businesses, leaders & teams have an ongoing culture of coaching & training. Success leaves clues!

I’ve been in Business for many years, primed to doing things in certain ways, what can I expect?

To contribute towards your pending success, first of all it is empathy, we develop an understanding of how you roll, examine preordained characteristics which often means departing from those entrenched & traditional ways to shape your new range of motion.

Being with you every step of the way, guiding you to discover & establish your roadmap to get the right work done, keeping you safe, keeping you energised.

I’m really busy, how will this fit in?

It’s kind of the norm, the good news is when you are ready, we can schedule engagements around your high priorities & energies, work towards less effort, better results?

How would that work for you?

Why My Business Sherpa?
  1. This is all about you, your success, you’re feeling & observing the progress
  2. Extensive exposure, delivery & performance in dynamic, complex, multi-facetted elements of both SME & Global business
  3. Listening, understanding & anticipating where we aim, aligning expectations & key activities in the story
  4. Reinforcing the essential mindset should not be underestimated in forming high trust, open & honest engagements
  5. Adapting With You
How does the process work?

Simple, hook up to a Discovery Connection, let’s intro, get a handle on your own unique situation, Q & A, together we determine the coach ~ client fit.

Consider an engagement that makes total sense for your needs, if & when ready we prepare to go for it.

The only limitations are the ones that we place in front of us, the obstacle can be the way!

What are the real benefits?
  • Partnering with an examined, economical external resource
  • Coming to terms with your real identity & superpowers
  • Developing your cool game plan for your success
  • Strong leadership, partnering, guiding force
  • Learning & Development
  • A Safe Experience
  • Healthy Mindset
  • Fun
What’s the investment, where can I begin?

Bringing it back to where you are on your own specific journey, start-up, evolution, reset or resuscitation mode, any investment is based on your unique situation.

As a guide our entry starter packages range between $3960 – $5940, comprises a blend of Think Tank, Drafting, Review, Action Setting, followed on by 3 months of bi-monthly (twice monthly) 1:1 sessions, Quick 15 minute Check Ins, Random Stalking, approx. 4 months of individual care & attention, beginning to shift your mojo, getting into your new range of motion to get the right work done.

All totally supported by the MBS Client Tool, a single sleek, intuitive web-based app that YOU, YOUR TEAM & Business Coaches actually enjoy using. LOVE IT!!!

An entree TOTALLY jam packed with GOODNESS!!

Based on the progress we aim to groove on into an ongoing customised coaching schedule or a deeper fit for your purpose, starts at $440 / month for those on light duty maintenance to those more meaty customised integrated engagements reflective of the scale of challenge….based on imagination there are very few boundaries we cannot explore together.

MBS Offerings also provides for adding Booster coaching sessions, key meets, workshops & engagements for those cool ever-changing needs so you are never left out in the cold.

Business Coaching is a legitimate business expense, have the chat with your accountant, looking into any local or state small business coaching support initiatives that may also help pave the way for your new growth.

The BIG question is if we determine your unique path, that you do the work, the mind opens up to real possibilities, what then does this investment return? How prepared are you for welcoming success?

If you are concerned with the investment or the content, just make a no obligation discovery connection to address any queries, concerns, needs or fears….This is a safe place.

Magic can happen, miracles can take a wee bit longer :).

What else can you share?

Based on expectations that are realistic, the work is being done, the communication is clear & you are open to adapting along the way, getting uncomfortable in a process to find your new range of motion, working with a coach who is dedicated to your needs can reveal so many clues for the real work to begin.

Time does not come to a halt for anyone, slipping further behind from where you’d prefer to be can be super painful, who doesn’t want to feel more in control, challenged but encouraged to progress in a safe way?

Can I become a Coach with My Business Sherpa?

Brilliant, the answer is more or less…YES!!

Our Tech is ready, our business model is in development to embrace a wide array of coaching disciplines & specialities.

Absolutely would be open to hearing from genuine peeps on what specifically you would love to coach, let’s have the dialogue, book your Coaches Discovery Connection.