Service Offerings

Adaptable, flexible, customised key meets & 1:1 sessions where the “altitude is adapted to aptitude”, considering time, budget & the drive to do the work. Offerings pay close attention to your specific challenges & needs, with a blend of coaching, partnering & support so you can do your best work yet.

A graduated approach to scale new heights.

My Business Sherpa Service Offerings will guide you in:

Mind Matters

Checking in where the head is at, taking the moment to consider & acknowledge influences that impact energy, confidence, creativity & our progress. Setting the tone, to be the best version of ourselves, in a totally safe place.


"If you're not being you, who is?" Open up to it. Connect with it. Accept it. Choose it. Be it. Live it. Love it. Rock it. "Flying our freak flags with pride," 🙂


“What does that look like for you?” Clarity to What We Are Aiming At. Analytics blended with Intuitiveness. Your Sense of Order. Tracking closer to the sweet spot. “What gets measured gets done”


"Getting things done." Mobilising. Momentum. Deliberacy. Tracking. Harvesting. Learning. Thriving. "This is where it comes alive."


"Effective. Meaningful. High Trust. Contagious" Conscious of who is truly there with you. Internal & External. Courageous Conversations. Moving away from | Moving towards. Being You. "Finding, connecting, being with your people."


"What is your currency of progress?" Energised. Small acts of bravery. Knowing why you make a difference. Genuine Improvement. Accepting of Self. Mindset. Profitable. Sustainable. "What gets the spring in that step?"

Client ~ Coach Fit

To be at our best, we gotta hit it off, you are ready for embarking on an adventure, prepared to do the work, ask heaps of questions, seek help, more importantly you are open to receiving the help that you & your business seeks.

There are no magic pills, ointments or essential oils that fills those voids. You are simply committing to actively engaging in the process, participating, fulfilling & thriving in any accountabilities agreed as mission critical.

Working together as one, expectations are set, understood & agreed, safeguarding along the way.

My Business Sherpa Client Profile Guide

A guide for how progress can be made, those choices you make, and keystones for your personal and business growth.


  • You have decided to continue to be or to become a more capable force in your field of play
  • Are kinda clear where the attention needs to be, maybe stuck, at times overwhelmed
  • Are prepared to get uncomfortable in the process… but don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way!
  • Utilising our TECH via My Business Sherpa Client Tool, be supported with a single sleek, intuitive web-based app that YOU, YOUR TEAM & Business Coaches actually enjoy using
  • Committed to openly engaging, receiving the help, doing the work & staying on track
  • Adaptable – Who knows what will pop up along the way for the game to change
  • A sense of humour is welcomed

My Business Sherpa Service Offerings

  • Think Tanks
  • Workshops
  • Key Meets
  • Scheduled 1:1 Sessions
  • Quick Check Ins
  • Sourcing, Facilitating & Project Managing connected support services
What STATE of MIND are you finding yourself in?

Searching for CLUES, spinning the wheels


Struggling to FOCUS, to get the right stuff done


Feeling isolated or LOST


Stressed, or OVERWHELMED


Jousting with SELF-DOUBT or much deeper

Everyone gets STUCK. The fact is, you are not alone, it’s absolutely okay.

My Business Sherpa Offerings are designed to HELP YOU.

Client Testimonial

Absorbed in creating & writing of content, I needed to sharpen up on the cues to more effectively deal in the commercial & client acquisition aspects of the business.

Engaging in Think Tank & 1:1 coaching sessions cleared the way for direction, meaning & discipline in the need to have those parts working in sync, easily kept accountable & on track with the MBS Online Client Tool.

Fortunate to have had the benefit of those meaningful encounters with James, switched on the lights, progress made every time, becoming more capable in defining our value proposition & accuracy in communication.

New projects followed, more importantly personal development & confidence grew as a result of doing the work.

Hamish,  hbrfilm

Adapting With You

Business Coaching

  • Relating with your world
  • Diagnostics
  • Operational Practices
  • Fiscal Health
  • Supply Chain Teamies
  • Relationships

Strategic & Personal Guide

  • Customer Profiling
  • Matching Markets with your Craft
  • Where to play – How to Win
  • Accuracy of Action
  • Realising Sales & Marketing Full Potential
  • Adaptable

Leadership Accomplice

  • Mindset
  • Setting the Tone – Boundaries – Accountabilities
  • Developing Self – Others – Team
  • Genuine Change Practices
  • Problem Solving – Solution Serving
  • Adventure – Fun – Achieve

My Business Sherpa Compass will guide you through…


Whole of Business Needs


Getting the Work Done


Positive Mindset

Client Testimonial

I first met James at a industry show where I was exhibiting some of my products. James took the time to ask about what I was up to and where I was going with it all. I could not deny the sense that he made of what he suggested I could do with developing my company.

I have since partnered with James and in the last several months James has helped steer my company to heights I know I would not of been able to achieve with anyone else far exceeding my expectations. James has an exceptional level of communication and a genuine interest in my company with a real focus on structure leading to long term development and growth.

I would recommend James and his contagious positivity to any business that wants to make the most of the efforts they are already putting in every day. My relationship with James continues and I look forward to more fantastic results.

David Hannah, Wrap It Marine
WrapIt Marine Testimonial